Dr. Edwin Hernandez

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Inventor with 10 issued patents, and 20+ years of experience in software, programming, wireless communicaitons, cloud, and media streaming

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Intellectual Property Expert Witness

I will help you and the jury understand complex concepts and systems. My reports will be backed wih facts and enforce your infringement arguments or any invalidity contentions. My experience spans over 20 years in software engineering. wireless, and networking that has proven useful identifying prior-art. Additionally, I have worked with computers, devices, owned an ISP, built many software applications and tools, patented my inventions, built my own cloud infrastructure, and commercialized my own patents. My hands-on expertise in computing is vast and has been helpful in finding evidence and reproducing scenarios in my Lab for my customers.

Our Services/Expertise

Wireless Expert

  • Wireless Networks (Cellular Expert)
  • Wireless Emulation and Simulation
  • Mobile IP, PMIP, GTP and 4G/LTE Expert
  • RF, Signaling, and Protocols
  • Local Area Networks
  • Mobile Applications and software methods
  • Media Streaming and MPEG/Cable TV systems
  • MPEG-2 and DVB Systems

Cloud Expert Witness

  • HTML5 and widgets, JSON/XML REST API
  • CDN and Cloud-based Platforms
  • Software-defined Radios and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Internet and broadband communication systems
  • Cloud Computing Expert (Storage. Virtual Machines)
  • Internet Of Things
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Bluetooth and WiFi Networks

Streaming Expert Witness

  • Linux and Networking Expert / Routing / Firewalls / Fiber Optics
  • Software Engineer with 25+ years of expertise in Programming form: Java, Python, PhP, C/C++
  • Drivers and memory optimization, Operating Systems Expert
  • Extensive PCAP log analysis
  • Hardware debugging and electronics analysis
  • IT Auditing

Infringement Analysis

Determining claim construction elements that are key for your case


We bring arguments with solid proofs, logs, measurements, and factual evidence

Up to Date

I am up to speed with trends and new technolgies, I review journals and papers for IEEE


I am dedicated to you case, call me anytime, anywhere!

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